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Activated Charcoal Benefits for Skin

1. Fairer Complexion It makes you look visibly fairer, the first thing that activated charcoal does is to pull out oil which makes your complexion more appropriate, and, it pulls out all the grime and the dust which again improves the appearance. But, the effect lasts only for a short while, and you should wash your face with activated charcoal each time when you wish to look fairer.


2. Cleaner Odor Free Underarms A lot of women use activated charcoal masks to whiten their underarms, dark underarms never look clean, so apply this activated charcoal paste, rub the area clean in gentle motions and repeat the process till you start seeing results and then do that daily. Activated charcoal also takes away body odor because it kills bacteria, and leaves a fresh underarm which is better than when loaded with too many heavy fragrances.

3. Body Scrub For Dirt Not just your face, you can scrub your whole body with it when taking a shower, rub hard and for a long time, and you will notice that your body is throwing out more dirt than usual, and you would feel like you have cleaned up well. This scrub also acts as a gentle exfoliation scrub, and while you scrub your body.

4. Blackheads And Whiteheads It would handle the case of blackheads and whiteheads, and ingrown hair, therefore, activated carbon works miraculously and in myriad of ways for ugly body problems which otherwise have no cure or can only be taken care of with costly products.

5. Allergies or Boils If you have an allergy or boils then apply activated charcoal there, and it would help extract all the pus from the boil, and it would also cure your allergy, or bring the itching symptoms down. If you have a bug bite which is causing irritated skin then to you can apply activated charcoal there.

6. Acne Since it can cure a case of boils, it is advantageous in acne too, apply some charcoal powder on the acne and slowly over a matter of time, you’d see better skin around acne which would prove better. Acne is caused by too much oil, hence activated carbon treats acne. Wash the mask with lukewarm water first and then cold water, it would give you the much needed feel-good factor which one desperately needs in acne.

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