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What makes a man's soap a "Man's Soap"? Well, when trying to figure this out I thought of my dad. He is a soldier, he is big and strong, he loves classical things, he is confident, he is a protector, he is a hard worker, and he loves to smell good. Now, not all men may fall in this category but it is what inspired my MENS SKIN COLLECTION. Our mens soap will use classic recipes, work through any obstacle, be hard working at cleaning even the dirtiest skin, protect the skin from harsh elements, some will be big and strong, make you feel confident and smell amazing. Products for every skin type and needs. From hand soaps with rough exfoliants, sporty bars for that refreshing cleanliness,  to designer bars to leave you smelling like your dressed to impress. With handmade shaving cream for classic smooth shave to other manly inspired scented products. Of course, the products can be used by men or women. I mean it is the 21st century, even bathrooms are used by men and women. So use what you want! But this collection was made for my manly man father! 

The Power of Bar Soap

You may not have thought about bar soap in a while, except when you’re suddenly confronted with it in a hotel room shower or a guest bathroom. It seems retro, like something you used when you were taking baths as a kid, but we say it’s time to re-examine the power of the bar. Body washes may be exceedingly popular among men, especially those who struggle with dry skin, but the kind of clean you get from a bar soap is second to none. While they are not self-cleaning as Joey Tribbiani once claimed, they get the job done with less mess and can last longer than a bottle of wash. Plus, in our current age of sustainability and eco-friendliness, bar soaps come with less waste. Think about it: they’re smaller, you can use them till they’re completely gone, and there is no plastic bottle to throw into the recycling bin when you’re done. Many soap companies are even changing their packaging to make bar soap an even greener option.  Bar soaps are versatile and can be great for you no matter what your skin type. You can find a soap for oily skin, dry skin, sensitive skin, and everything in between. 

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